Thursday, October 2, 2008

tsk tsk

Security is the feeling we feel when we believe we're impenetrable.
A tightness in our grip, the extra push in our step, knowing were invincible.
Knowing were able to do more than before.
Thinking is different than knowing, and thinking only leads the poor.
Knowing something to be truth.
Knowing something to be truth.
How can you ever believe something?
How can you ever believe something is truth?
Truth is like a long rug on a shiny wooden floor.
All somebody has to do is grab one end and run out the door.
Your feet, on top of the rug, go with it. You go into the air.
You don't even know what's happened, and you don't even care.
All you know is that your back really hurts and life isn't fair.
So, security is simply a truth standing on a rug of falsehood.
As soon as someone grabs a single thread of it they just have to take it and run and they can tear the truth right out from underneath you.