Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Applications are now imperative and I have put them off till this point.
*Looks himself in the mirror...points....and says "You sir, are an idiot."*


NYU's application is DUE! January first it's 2AM New Years Eve and I'm working on it! WTF!
I'm going to shoot myself for being an idiot.
Looks like I'm not applying to NYU. ACT scores have to be sent directly there. Not going to happen. Damn. Sometimes I shoot myself in the foot, not once but fifty times and with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Better get back to work on it.

Just got a lot done on my applications to UK colleges.

It's my own fault though, all of these troubles.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

So, tomorrow I'm participating the most extreme scavenger hunt of my life. Hosted by Lance.

It's going to be straight ridiculous.

Slapping People in Public
Credit carding their butt cheeks with my hand.
Drinking a half gallon of milk and running a mile.
Getting slapped with a slab of steak, hard.
Punching each other simultaneously.
Getting a complete stranger to slap me.
Kissing a complete stranger.

Don't want to give it all away.

I'm definitely going to be in some other mindset to do this.

Maybe it will help me be a little less apprehensive about everything haha.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's today?

It's a few days after Christmas and I have been totally lazy, a sloth for the past week now. I should of gone and worked out today, but I didn't. I will FOR SURE on Monday.

I have been learning a lot about myself and what not over the past couple of days.
Charisma Arts is helping out as well. The community there is amazing. They all know exactly what each other is dealing with and know exactly what to do about it.

On my end of life, girls are becoming, more transparent? or rather not transparent, but I am becoming more comfortable. Not that I was every shy, but I wasn't completely myself around them. Now, it's become easier and more fun in reality. That's what I really have to do is think about it as fun.

Anyways, I am reading The Arabian Nights I think it's a wonderful book so far and you all(the few if any who read this) should check it out.

Hopefully I start writing more on here, yeah?

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Mark

So, I have decided to officially mark this weekend as the beginning of the time where I began to change my life. I haven't really been known as one in the past as being a "ladies man" nor do I plan to be coined as that or put in that category. However, I do plant to make a change to become more attractive through my own changes to women in the way that I talk, act, stand, look, etc. It may seem lame to people that read about my future adventures or w/e. However, this blog is for me and not you.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Three

So, tonight was pretty fun. It didn't start out the greatest. The game was god, we dominated whoever we played(I don't know), and then a bunch of us went to Mr. C's. Then afterwards drove around blah blah....ended up at Davids...some of us...then katie called me asked if i wanted to hang out with her sarah and molly...I of course....said yes...

It was a good time surprisingly we ended up going to Perkins at midnight and convinced skyler to come with us haha we got about about 2:15. It was alot of fun actually...Katie rocks my socks at the Radio Game...ridiculous...I never listen to the radio though so w/e...haha

Sarah, looked good as always. I got a lot of different signs from her tonight though. Some good ones mostly. It was fairly interesting. I think my whole appearance, more in shape and fit, and my over all confidence in that and just the way I carry myself now is finally showing through. We'll see what's going on.

Alison Smith wants to go get dinner sometime this next week at Checkerboard.
Stacia and me are supposed to hang out this week....
I plan on making plans with Sarah this week(yes plans for plans)
and Courtney is being day she is all for us hanging out the next she doesn't answer me when I I just let her have her fun and w/e...I think I'm falling into the friends category there but...w/e that's where I was before we didn't really talk for about a year...w/e..

So more like the four....but what to do...pursue one? pursure two? three? four? who knows...

we'll see how many of the past three things I mentioned happened...and if I hang out with all for...who knows...

anyways it's getting late and im getting tired...figured I would just let you know what was going on...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Work, Ankle Etc.

Just got ready for my first day of work...haha first time I have ever worn a vest other than prom. I like it though. I look pants, black docs, black belt, white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled, gray 5 button vest, black casual haha that's what they said this is what i thought...

My senior pictures came in yesterday. I think I'm going to go pick them up tonight. This way when I go eat with my sister she can see them and then my mom later tonight. I'm kind of excited for them.

My ankle was still pretty swollen today. At least I could walk on it though.
Oh wait, I haven't told you. Yeah I REINJURED my ankle. This time worse. I overstretched the three tendons below the outside bone on my ankle and tore the sac surrounding my ankle TWICE!
Doc said I'm out of soccer 6-8 weeks with a possible parole at 4 or 5 weeks if I have good behavior(healing). We'll see how it all turns out.

No more time though I'm heading out.
I'm starting to get more regular at this aren't it?

No Soccer?

How am I going to put up with not playing soccer for six through eight weeks?
Damn tendons and sack around my ankle....
I stretched the tendons and tore the sack TWICE and now I have to sit out 6-8 weeks....

what am i going to do with myself?? that's what I want to know...i mean seriously.....

soccer is all I know...all I'm good at...all I do...

gah...we'll see where it goes from here...

damn ankle..

Monday, November 10, 2008


I lost my cell phone today. Curiously enough, I wasn't really worried about it once I sat down and thought about it. I lost it in one of three places: school, car, rec center. In which case I will be able to find it regardless. Also, my cell phone isn't all important. Sure it provides me with an easy, convenient way to communicate with people, but if I really need to talk to someone I can drive over and see them. So, I guess it's just sort of curious how I have no qualms about losing my cell phone. Where as most people are ready to die.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Maybe I should change the name of my Blog?

What do you think?

This surely isn't an almost daily reminder of my life? Far from it in fact. More like Almost Monthly Life by Jared Krauss. Who's paying attention anyways though. Not as though it really matters. This is for me and no one else.

So, if anyone gets mad about it. Not my problem; I'm not writing for you. I'm writing for me and you. I haven't decided to who "you" are yet. When I do, you will be the first one to know though.

Oh, new book read you all should read. Well, actually, only if you love soccer; it's called "How Soccer Explains the World: An Un-Likely Theory on Globalization" by Franklin Foer. Quite a good book. You all should read it and enjoy it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

tsk tsk

Security is the feeling we feel when we believe we're impenetrable.
A tightness in our grip, the extra push in our step, knowing were invincible.
Knowing were able to do more than before.
Thinking is different than knowing, and thinking only leads the poor.
Knowing something to be truth.
Knowing something to be truth.
How can you ever believe something?
How can you ever believe something is truth?
Truth is like a long rug on a shiny wooden floor.
All somebody has to do is grab one end and run out the door.
Your feet, on top of the rug, go with it. You go into the air.
You don't even know what's happened, and you don't even care.
All you know is that your back really hurts and life isn't fair.
So, security is simply a truth standing on a rug of falsehood.
As soon as someone grabs a single thread of it they just have to take it and run and they can tear the truth right out from underneath you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life's busy.

Life has been kind of hectic right now.

Between being on student senate and getting that organized. Working out every day. Volleyball on the days I don't have other things. I know I said volleyball right...well first I was asked to be stat taker then I sort of willingly/unwillingly got sucked into manager by the coach. Which I can't really complain...I mean let's be honest ;).

Then I have soccer on wednesdays from 4-7 Rec team 4-5 Club team 5-6 then my practice 6-7...
So Coach Coach Play Then I coach and referee on saturdays and play on sundays and have a childs father coach the club games i can't attend on sundays as well...

Also, I'm working on my college applications right now....
They are driving me up the wall...I want to work on them but...yeah it's just a slow process...
U of Texas
U of Oregon
U of Washington

Right now my order of wanting to go is

U of Washington
U of Texas
U of Oregon

UW is my goal...if I get accepted there with some good scholarships I'll most definitely go...
UT is sort of a backup but growing on me...I have other interests there that might persuade me to go there depending on the out come of some other situations...namely a girl :D haha she's...well she's exactly what I have been looking for...but shhh don't tell her that haha it ruins everything ;)...
UO is mostly just a backup plan that is there. It's a good school but easier to get into then the other two...

If I get a full ride or close to in scholarships to any of them I would almost HAVE to go there...I couldn't pass that up...hopefully once I get all my work in and FAFSA and scholarships and what not my decision will be easier...

I guess it's safe to say
I'm mostly tied on UW and UT but UW has a slight edge right now...

Like I said. My life is busy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Senior Year - A look Back on the Summer

Senior Year started last week for me. I'll come back to this later though. Maybe in another post.

Right now I want to take a look back at my Summer.

As you could see by previous posts I started working out with Atila and Nolan in July. Well, now I workout either with them or on my own every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday.

It has really paid dividends. Not only that though. Eating right. Not even being on a diet. I just don't eat junk food anymore. I have really cut back on everything that's not natural. I mean obviously everyonce in a while I have a cheeseburger from hardee's or something. However, that doesn't mean I eat there everyday. Really though. When it came to eating. I just needed to start eating more natural food. Rather then all this fabricated junk.

I guess other people than just me have noticed as well. I have gotten alot of compliments on how I look now from a wide range of people. You know that are just little boosters. Me trying to be slightly modest just respond with the simple, "I try. Thanks."

It's nice though. To see the results of hard work. Now, my goal is to get cut. I'm getting stronger and losing the fat. Now I just need to take it to the next level.
I'll get there. Just a matter of time.

Also, I have grown up alot in just the last few months. I'm not sure exactly where, how, or why. I just know I have. My life is alot more ordered now. Also, a lot more free. I have come to accept a lot of things in life as results of everyone else and I just need to do my part in it. Right now my life motto is: C'est La Vie. It's French meaning "Such is Life" I take it as meaning there are somethings you can't do anything about but complain and worry. Since I'm a logical person I see no benefit from doing either of those. So, I accept my situation and work on, through, or around it.

I'm starting to see my life really take shape and have potential.
Everyone keeps telling me how I'm doing to do this and accomplish that. How I'm going to be a millionaire without even trying or change the world. Those would be all well and good. However, that's not what I want to just jump to. I want to take the journey to get there. I want the experiences that make the result worth while. I know it's really cliche but it's the Journey that makes life worth while not the million dollars at the end.

Oh. P.S. You should check out the band "The Kooks" they are from England and extremely good. At least I enjoy them.

Books- Fight Club - Everyday Philosophy

Sorry for any errors in my writing I'm to lazy to go through and edit it right now...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Life is Easy When You Don't Have to Worry

Everyone always talks about how difficult life is. How many times they sit and try and figure out what they are going to do with their life. For me, it was pretty simple. I just prayed about it. God told me. Now, I know what to do. I know where I plan on going to college and what major(s) I plan on taking. Granted those plans may change. We'll see though.

You may ask, "How does God speak to you? How do you know it's him?"

Well, the only way for me to explain it is this. Bare with me.

When it's dark out side and out in the distance some one yells your name. It could be anyone. All you know is they said your name. Except, when your brother, sister, mom, dad, or anyone close to you yells it and all you hear is their voice. You know who it is. That's how it is with God. You have to become intimate with him and close with him. Sure you will then have other questions, but this isn't a FAQ. Go speak to a pastor or someone more willing. I'm just here to let you know my thoughts.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Got Lazy

Seems that it has been over a week since I last posted. Although, seeing as how very few people if any other then me actually read this, there wasn't much push for me to post again so quickly.

However, I will give you the run down as to what's going on over here. I'm starting to really get into shape thanks to Atila and Nolan. Working out with them is really helping a lot. Really starting to see some definition and abs are finally coming in. It's nice to finally see some results.

Anyways, I leave for camp on Sunday. I'm sort of iffy about going. I want to go to see friends and enjoy myself. There are also opportunities for me here. I won't be able to work out with Atila and Nolan while I'm gone which will is bad. However, I have some workouts in mind I can do while I'm gone to sort help a little bit.

Over all, summer has been fun. I have enjoyed myself. Played a lot of soccer and just had a good time. That's what it's all about. Just enjoying yourself.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I was wrong.

So, I was thinking yesterday that the redness would become a tan. Well, it tanned. It's also a little burn though. For instance, I woke up this morning at 6:19 AM for no apparent reason that is until i stretched and my shoulders were on fire. I went into the bathroom, gazed into the mirror and lo and behold my shoulders were red. A like red that a hispanic person would get. Then there were the impression marks all over my shoulders from my pillows. I'm assuming that's what woke me up. It wasn't fun. I couldn't find the aloe vera so I just held a cold water bottle on my shoulders. It did the trick. I took some ibuprofen for the hell of it and went to bed. Then I wake up to Nolan demanding me to go to the rec center to work out. "Meet us at the rec. Now." I was like hot damn I'll be there. Surprisingly I was up and ready to go pretty fast. I walked down the stairs and my mom was completely shocked to see me up at 11. about 3 to 4 hours earlier than my normal wake up time. I lifted with him and Atila and it sucked. I did my normal workout which is hard enough on it's own. Then I had to mention to Atila that my bicep workout doesn't get me sore anymore. Hmmm, that was a good idea. Because now my biceps are sore right now. We only lifted an hour ago. His bicep thing for me SUCKED. Oh well. It's all good.

Btw. I'm leading a revolution against the douche bag Kobi. So, VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

The Inaugural Post

This is the first post on blogspot. I decided to blog on here rather then Xanga because this way I don't feel like as much of a tool. Anyways, I don't have anything substantial to talk about.

Gordon, Kylie, Kari, and I went to the beach today. It was a good day. I got a little red I'm suspecting, hoping, it will turn into a tan. I had my brothers car so his frisbee was in there. That made the time go by much faster. Seeing as how I HATE laying on the towel for longer than 5 minutes to get a tan. I would much rather being doing something. Passing a soccer ball. Playing catch with a football or diving into the water after a frisbee like I was today. Which, by the way, is extremely fun. I recommend it to everyone.

Also, check out my lists of books I have read that you should. It's at the bottom of the page. I'll update it every once in a while and let you all know.