Friday, July 11, 2008

I was wrong.

So, I was thinking yesterday that the redness would become a tan. Well, it tanned. It's also a little burn though. For instance, I woke up this morning at 6:19 AM for no apparent reason that is until i stretched and my shoulders were on fire. I went into the bathroom, gazed into the mirror and lo and behold my shoulders were red. A like red that a hispanic person would get. Then there were the impression marks all over my shoulders from my pillows. I'm assuming that's what woke me up. It wasn't fun. I couldn't find the aloe vera so I just held a cold water bottle on my shoulders. It did the trick. I took some ibuprofen for the hell of it and went to bed. Then I wake up to Nolan demanding me to go to the rec center to work out. "Meet us at the rec. Now." I was like hot damn I'll be there. Surprisingly I was up and ready to go pretty fast. I walked down the stairs and my mom was completely shocked to see me up at 11. about 3 to 4 hours earlier than my normal wake up time. I lifted with him and Atila and it sucked. I did my normal workout which is hard enough on it's own. Then I had to mention to Atila that my bicep workout doesn't get me sore anymore. Hmmm, that was a good idea. Because now my biceps are sore right now. We only lifted an hour ago. His bicep thing for me SUCKED. Oh well. It's all good.

Btw. I'm leading a revolution against the douche bag Kobi. So, VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

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