Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's today?

It's a few days after Christmas and I have been totally lazy, a sloth for the past week now. I should of gone and worked out today, but I didn't. I will FOR SURE on Monday.

I have been learning a lot about myself and what not over the past couple of days.
Charisma Arts is helping out as well. The community there is amazing. They all know exactly what each other is dealing with and know exactly what to do about it.

On my end of life, girls are becoming, more transparent? or rather not transparent, but I am becoming more comfortable. Not that I was every shy, but I wasn't completely myself around them. Now, it's become easier and more fun in reality. That's what I really have to do is think about it as fun.

Anyways, I am reading The Arabian Nights I think it's a wonderful book so far and you all(the few if any who read this) should check it out.

Hopefully I start writing more on here, yeah?

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