Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Work, Ankle Etc.

Just got ready for my first day of work...haha first time I have ever worn a vest other than prom. I like it though. I look pants, black docs, black belt, white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled, gray 5 button vest, black casual haha that's what they said this is what i thought...

My senior pictures came in yesterday. I think I'm going to go pick them up tonight. This way when I go eat with my sister she can see them and then my mom later tonight. I'm kind of excited for them.

My ankle was still pretty swollen today. At least I could walk on it though.
Oh wait, I haven't told you. Yeah I REINJURED my ankle. This time worse. I overstretched the three tendons below the outside bone on my ankle and tore the sac surrounding my ankle TWICE!
Doc said I'm out of soccer 6-8 weeks with a possible parole at 4 or 5 weeks if I have good behavior(healing). We'll see how it all turns out.

No more time though I'm heading out.
I'm starting to get more regular at this aren't it?

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