Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Deck of Cards and a Year's Worth of Goals

So, in an effort to actually change myself for the better. Rather then make some unrealistic goal that I won't ever actually do, I decided to write as many goals or things I want to aspire to on a deck of cards. Anything and everything I could think of went down. Here are those goals.
Large Writing denotes a completed or past goal
Short Term-In no special order
Do 20 Pullups in a row.
300 jump ropes in a row(without making a mistake-thats the tricky part)
Kiss a girl not from my hometown.
Kiss a girl from my hometown. (haha diverse aren't I?)
Get a second job.
Have 1000k saved by march for UK
Do 15 pullups in a row.
Complete apllications to UK
Complete UWash Application by 10th of January(I completed it today.)
Weigh 155Lb.s (At 157Lbs. right now)
Finish all uni applications before deadline.(one down-Iowa and UK next)
Swim Four Laps Nonstop at Rec Center
6:30 Minute Mile
Hold Two Jobs Down
Kiss a girl who's first language is not English
Read Inferno by Dante

Long Term Goals- or goals that I feel will take a bit more time then Short Term
Kiss a girl not from U.S.A
Bench 200lbs. (180Lbs right now)
Pass Calculus AP Test
Score a goal in soccer(high school competitive)
Have a six pack(defined)
Learn Some French
Commit to Something Completely Outside of Myself
Start Varsity Soccer
Get a Second Tattoo
Swim Eigh Laps Nonstop At Rec
Graduate with a 3.25GPA or higher
Score three goals in soccer
Go to beach in summer at least twice a week(when in town)
Learn some Arabic
Go hiking at least four times
Complete Half of my goals before I turn 19(or all that are possible)
Go to Seattle
Go to Another Country
Go Rock Climbing or to Climb Iowa
Play Striker at least once in varsity
Run a 6:15 Mile
500 Jump ropes in a row(no mistakes)

Habit or Lifestyle Goals-I can't determine if I have completed these adequately until the end of the year.

Talk to at least three strangers when I am out and being social
Save $20 from any money I recieve
Swim once a week (failing so far)
1 date per month
Improve School Habits
One good deed per week.(Good so far.)
Change my lifestyle in one way(for positive)
Putt $100 every paycheck towards trip to UK
Improve Money Habits
Don't Smoke Weed
Try a ST or LTR
Date More
Talk to at least one girl every time im out
Be more fun
Eat Healthier
Talk to Dad once a week(so far doing good)

These are my goals for the the lifestyle ones aren't one I expect myself to just suddenly do, but ones that I will work towards the whole year.

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